Virgin Radio 96

Virgin Radio Montreal Campaign

The purpose behind this event was to launch the new Astral Radio campaign for Montreal's Virgin Radio station. This was the first image campaign for the brand since it's launch in Montreal in 2009. 

The mandate was to own the Top 40 music universe, Virgin Radio 96's niche, and to further promote the prestigious brand in Montreal, while at the same time adapting it to local reality. This campaign mainly targeted Montreal's anglophone market and aimed to reach women aged between 25 and 34 by showcasing the glamorous world of the Top 40 radio. 

As an activation initiative for the launch, we built a special billboard equipped with a built-in DJ booth and created a street-level event in which we organized a radio dance party hosted live from the billboard, making it the first time ever that a radio show had been broadcast livre from a billboard.

In addition to the main event, numerous other billboards in the city were branded with the colours of the campaign. 
mock up presented to the client

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