The designer's survival guide

Not enough sleep? Too much stress? These are what every designer has to face almost everyday ... but worry no more.

Your field has always been confronted to little disasters, which often can be prevented or at least minimized. Time, stress and sleep are aspects of your life that require careful management in order for you to promote your creative productivity.
But fear no more, fortunately for you, today is your lucky day. 
You have before you the designer’s psychological survival kit. Dig your way into it and you’ll find an hourglass in order to never exceed your clients deadlines again. A stress ball allowing you to release your frustration on something else than your computer. And last but not least, two jars of coffee beans just in case sleep is no longer a feasible option. 
Each of these tools is attached to a respective chapter full of helpful tips on how  to manage your Time, Stress, and Sleep. 
Good luck.

Step by step book deployment :

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